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photo by Trixi Huish
Forces of Nature.
Death Valley National Park, Califonia.
Trixi Huish (Oregon), 2009.
About the ICP Awards

The ICP Awards honors the best in conservation photography worldwide and brings awareness to our environment through art. The first juried contest was organized by Seattle-based nature photographer Art Wolfe in 1997; the ICP Awards has since become a biennial international event. This summer, for the first time, the Burke Museum is exhibiting winning entries and honorable mentions from the 2010 ICP Awards.

Amateur and professional photographers from around the world submitted their best conservation photography in the following categories:

Entries depict the beauty and diversity found throughout both the protected and unprotected natural landscapes of the world.
2010 winner: Trixi Huish (Nevada, USA)

Entries depict the diversity of animal species, their behavior and habitat, including endangered species.
2010 winner: Oksana Perkins (Russia)

Entries depict the beauty and diversity of plants throughout the world, including endangered species and ecosystems.
2010 winner: Philippe Moës (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Entries depict the beauty and diversity of marine or freshwater animals or plants, including inherent environmental/conservation themes.
2010 winner: Jim Patterson (California, USA)

Community at Risk
Entries focus on environmental threats and issues particularly pertaining to our cities and urban areas, including humanity's positive and negative impacts.
2010 winner: Sandesh Kadur (India)

Natural Environment at Risk
Entries depict the threats facing the world’s natural environments and resources. 
2010 winner: Susanne Weissenberger (California, USA)

Documenting a Conservation Project
This special category seeks images that document a conservation project in which the photographer is personally involved.
2010 winner: Kike Calvo (Spain)

Puget Sound at Risk
This special category depicts environmental issues and humanity’s impact on the Puget Sound. Sponsored by Puget Soundkeeper Alliance, whose mission is to protect and preserve Puget Sound from pollution. 
2010 winner: Tom Reese (Seattle, USA)

Entries are from photographers either enrolled full-time in school or under the age of 18 that pertain to any of the above categories.
2010 winner: Ethan Welty (Colorado, USA)

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