A Special Basket

In honor of John, his friends commissioned a weaver to create a special basket for him. Pat Courtney Gold (Wasco) designed and created this sally bag, which is entwined with the significance of John's life. This bag with designs from the Columbia River is particularly appropriate, because the Klickitat basket that first ignited John's interest in Native American baskets was purchased by him at a store in Goldendale, Washington.

Pat Courtney Gold describes the basket as follows: This basket was made using the traditional full-turn twine technique with traditional designs. I wove the bottom of the basket with my left hand and the design part with my right hand. The top is twilled with my left hand. It was made especially for John Putnam. The materials used in the basket are Hungarian hemp warps, cotton, chenille, colored acrylic yarn, synthetic suede top, and a trade bead. Click on the basket to learn more.

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