Vertebrate Paleontology

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Key Contact Information

University of Washington Campus
Burke Museum

Mailing Address

Burke Museum Paleontology Department
University of Washington
Box 353010
Seattle, WA 98195

vertebrate paleontology Curators
vertebrate paleontology Staff
Christian A. Sidor, PhD

Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology
Professor, Department of Biology, University of Washington

Gregory P. Wilson, PhD

Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology
Associate Professor, Department of Biology, University of Washington

vertebrate paleontology Collection Managers
vertebrate paleontology Advisory Board
Katherine L. Anderson

Geology & Paleontology Collections Manager

Ronald C. Eng, MS

Geology & Paleontology Collections Manager

Additional Burke vertebrate paleontology Staff
Past Board Members
Kelsie Abrams

Paleontology Fossil Lab Manager

vertebrate paleontology Adjuncts, Affiliates, Associates + Emeriti
The following individuals maintain active collaborations with Burke staff or are leaders in building and researching the collections at the Burke. Their contributions to the mission of the museum are gratefully acknowledged.
John Alexander, MS

Research Associate

Bax R. Barton, MS

Research Associate

James Goedert

Research Associate

Kathryn Hoppe, PhD

Research Associate

Jack R. Horner

Research Associate

Adrian Hunt, PhD

Research Associate

Nathan Myhrvold, PhD

Research Associate

Sterling Nesbitt, PhD

Research Associate

Brandon Peecook

Research Associate

Nick D. Pyenson, PhD

Affiliate Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology

Linda Tsuji, PhD

Research Associate

Steven Weidner

Research Associate, 3D Imaging

Beverly Witte

Curatorial Associate of Paleobotany

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