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Plastics Unwrapped



American Chemical Society, Puget Sound Section
Brooks Running
Puget Soundkeeper Alliance
Seattle Goodwill
Seattle Public Utilities
Seattle Theater Guild
Society of Plastic Engineers, Pacific Northwest Section
UW Department of Chemistry
UW Department of Chemical Engineering
UW Program on the Environment

Exhibit Advisors

Joel Baker, Professor and Port of Tacoma Chair, Environmental Science, UW Tacoma
Candy Castellanos, Public Education and Outreach Manager, Waste Management
Joyce S. Cooper, Associate Professor, UW Mechanical Engineering
Brenda Fukai-Allison, Technical Fellow, 787 Environmental Performance, Boeing 
Nadine Gruhn, Managing Director, Center for Enabling New Technologies Through Catalysis (CENTC)
Paul Hopkins, Professor and Chair, UW Department of Chemistry
Kristin Kinder, Education and Outreach Coordinator, Waste Management
Vipin Kumar, Associate Professor, UW Mechanical Engineering
Karen May, Program Manager, King County Solid Waste Division
Emily Newcomer, Manager, UW Recycling and Solid Waste
Dianna Parker, Communications Manager, NOAA Marine Debris Program
Julia K. Parrish, Associate Dean, UW College of the Environment
Eve Perara, Director of Diversity, Education and Outreach, CENTC
Charles Pratt, President, Pratt Materials Consulting
Michele Riggs, Biodegradability Specialist, Cedar Grove Composting
Sheela Sathyanarayana, Physician and Assistant Professor, UW Pediatrics; Investigator, Seattle Children’s Research Institute
Dan Schwartz, Chair and Boeing-Sutter Professor, UW Chemical Engineering
Xiaoxi Wang, PD Focal, Interior Materials and Processes, Boeing Research and Technology
Sarah Westervelt, e-Stewardship Policy Director, Basel Action Network
Jennifer M. Zumsteg, Physician and Acting Assistant Professor, UW Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Object Donations

10,000 Villages
Calsak Corp.
DAFO Cascade
Ford Motor Company
Georgia Tech
Lear Corporation
Mohawk Carpet
NuBe Green
Outdoor Research
Pacific Market International
Planet Happy Toys
Port of Seattle
Seattle Goodwill
UW Lamborghini Lab
UW Medical Center
Waste Management