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Stonerose fossils

Tiger Moth 
Family Arctiidae

Whole insect fossils are rare in Republic, though single wings are found more often. Most frequently collected fossil insects are of aphids, flies, spittlebugs, and leafhoppers—the same insects you see today in the area.

There are also fossil wasps, mayflies, dragonflies, cockroaches, beetles, and grasshoppers. This tiger moth is one of the most spectacular finds.

tiger moth
This tiger moth is one of a wide variety of insects preserved in the sediments at Republic. Wing length is 1.5 cm.
Photo by T.A. Dillhoff

fall webworm
The hundreds of species of Tiger Moths today include this fall webworm (Hypantria cunea).
Gerald J. Lenhard, www.forestryimages.org

Living tiger moths have heavy bodies, usually with a bold black-and-yellow pattern and brightly colored wings. Because they fly by day they are often mistaken for a type of butterfly. Their very hairy caterpillar is called the woolly bear and is a pest that eats low-growing, herbaceous plants.