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Kathryn Hoppe, Ph.D.


Vertebrate paleontology – isotopic analyses of bones and teeth to reconstruct the paleobiology of ancient animals and paleoenvironmental conditions. Studies modern and ancient horse and bison as well as fossil mammoths, mastodons, and demostylians. For more infomation check out: http://earthweb.ess.washington.edu/hoppe/

Recent Publications:

In press. K.A. Hoppe. Correlation between the oxygen isotope ratio of North American bison teeth and local water: implication for paleoclimatic reconstructions. Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

2006. K.A. Hoppe and P.L. Kock. The biogeochemistry of the Aucilla River Fauna. In S.D. Webb (ed.) First Floridians and Last Mastodons: the Page-Ladson Site on the Aucella River, pp. 379-402. Springer.

2006. K.A. Hoppe, A. Paytan and P. Chamberlain. Reconstructing grassland vegetation and paleotemperatures using carbon isotope ratios of bison tooth enamel. Geology 34:649-652.

2005. K.A. Hoppe, S. Stuska and R. Amundson. The implication for paleodiet and paleoclimatic reconstruction of intrapopulation variability in the oxygen and carbon isotopes of teeth from modern feral horses. Quaternary Research 64:138-146.

2004. P. L. Koch, N.S. Diffenbaugh and K.A. Hoppe. The effects of late Quaternary climate and pCO2 change on C4plant abundance in the south-central United States Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 207:331-357.