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Jim Goedert


My work focuses on marine vertebrate paleontology, particularly the cetaceous and other marine mammals and birds from the west coast of North and Central America. One aspect of this is investigation the systematics of Eocene and Oligocene whales from the northern Pacific Ocean: asking such questions as when did whales first invade the North Pacific, and what can these primitive mammals reveal about the origins of modern cetaceans?

Large, flightless, pelecaniform birds (Family Plotopteridae) were highly convergent with modern penguins and inhabited the North Pacific from Eocene to Mid-Miocene time. Systematic studies of new fossils of these birds from Washington and Japan are underway. Also of interest to me are invertebrate assemblages found in cold-methane seep carbonates and fossil whale falls from Eocene, Oligocene, and Miocene marine strata in the Pacific Northwest. Many of these deposits are yielding new species of sponges, corals, bivalves, and gastropods.

Recently Published Papers:

Peckmann, J., Senowbari-Daryan, B., Birgel, D., and Goedert, J.L. 2007. The crustacean ichnofossil Palaxiusassociated with callianassid body fossils in an Eocene methane-seep limestone, Humptulips Formation, Olympic Peninsula, Washington. Lethaia, 40: 273-280.

Kiel, S., and Goedert, J. L. 2007. New mollusks associated with biogenic substrates in Cenozoic deep-water sediments of Washington State. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, 52: 41-52.

Kiel, S., and Goedert, J. L. 2006. Deep-sea food bonanzas: early Cenozoic whale-fall communities resemble wood-fall rather than seep communities. Proceedings of the Royal Society Biological Sciences Series B, 273 (1601): 2625-2631.

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Nyborg, T.G., Berglund, R.E., and Goedert, J.L. 2003. A new crab from the late Eocene Hoko River Formation, Olympic Peninsula, Washington; the earliest record of Euphylax (Decapoda, Portunidae). Journal of Paleontology, 77: 323-330.

Goedert, J.L., and Benham, S.R. 2003. Biogeochemical processes at ancient methane seeps; the Bear River site in southwestern Washington. Pp. 201-208 in Swanson, T.W. (editor) Western Cordillera and adjacent areas: Geological Society of America Field Guide 4.

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