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Titanaboa: Monster Snake

Aug. 22, 2015 – Nov. 15, 2015

From a Colombian coal mine, scientists have discovered 60 million year old remains of the largest snake in the World, Titanoboa cerrejonensis. Measuring 48 feet long and weighing up to 2,500 pounds, this massive predator could crush and devour a crocodile.

Fossil plants and animals found at the site reveal the earliest known rainforest, teeming with life and dating to the Paleocene, the lost world that followed the demise of the dinosaurs.

Featuring a full-scale model of Titanoboa and clips from the Smithsonian Channel documentary, Titanoboa: Monster Snake, the exhibition delves into the discovery, reconstruction and implications of this enormous reptile.

Titanoboa: Monster Snake is a collaboration of the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, the Florida Museum of Natural History, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, and the Smithsonian Channel.

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