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Natural Science Illustration Student Art Display

July 19, 2012 – Oct. 7, 2012

The Natural Science Illustration Student Art Display presents the work of the graduates of the 2012 UW Natural Science Illustration Certificate Program in the Burke Room.

Each year the Burke Museum presents an exhibition of the students' final work. The purpose of the yearlong program is to teach a range of techniques that may be applied to creating detailed illustrations of flora, fauna, and other biological subjects. This year's students have explored both traditional and innovative techniques in scientific illustration.

Please note: The Burke Room is a multi-purpose room and not always open for public viewing. Visitors are encouraged to call in advance to check the room schedule: (206) 616-3962. Regular admission prices pertain.

New Zealand Kea
Mesa Schumacher
Blue and Gold: Bald Eagles
Bart Rulon
Watchfull Woodpecker
Kirsten Wahlquist

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