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Endless Forms Most Beautiful

July 15, 2013 – Sept. 15, 2013

Now through September 15 in the Burke Room, enjoy beautiful works from the 2013 graduates of the University of Washington's Natural Science Illustration Certificate Program. 

From Barbara Ierulli, NSI Gallery Show Director:

Artists, biologists, designers, paleontologists, and healthcare specialists, we gathered twice a week for nine months to learn a centuries-old tradition. What we share is a love of art and science and a need to combine them into works of accuracy and elegance. Influenced by Aristotle, Pliny, Darwin, Haeckel, Audobon and others, we are venturing down the path towards conveying the beauty that surrounds us. 

We were taught new techniques and scientific approaches for depicting the intricacies of nature. With pencil and pen, carbon dust and scratchboard, we often struggled to master the new media and methods. Tired eyes and aching hands frequently accompanied our final renditions of a skull or pine cone. 

In this exhibition we are presenting to you the products of our late nights and long weekends. Sometimes we suceeded, sometimes we failed, but we learned how to create veracious natural science illustrations. Much thanks is due to our teachers—but also to our patient partners, parents, and roommates, who endured our struggles and shared our euphoria when something finally came out right. 

Visit the Endless Forms Most Beautiful website for more information. 

Please call 206.543.7907 to check availability of the Burke Room for viewing. A Burke Museum admission fee is charged unless visitors are members, UW faculty, students or staff.

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