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Dino Day

Sat., Mar. 8, 2014 | 10 am – 4 pm

Included with museum admission; FREE for Burke members or w/ UW ID

Join the Burke Museum for our most popular annual event! Get an up-close view of the Burke Museum’s paleontology collections. See and touch fossils, meet Burke paleontologists, try out a fossil dig pit, and more!

Burke paleontologists had a busy summer—they brought back a ton of fossils from the Cretaceous! Explore the end of the dinosaur era and the emergence of flowering plants at Dino Day. See for the first time several Triceratops from Montana and Wyoming, the dinosaur precursor Asilisaurus from Tanzania, and other fossils that play a vital role in research both in the Northwest and around the world.

Additional activities:

Become a member today and beat the crowds with early admission at 9 am!

We expect Dino Day to be a popular day and recommend taking the bus! Driving to the museum? To help you find the best spots, click here for a map of nearby parking on campus. If parking’s busy, we recommend Gatehouse 1 (#1 in the picture). There’s usually plenty of room and is a short walk to the Burke (located in upper-left corner of the map).

Dino Day is presented in partnership with the Northwest Paleontological Association and the Stonerose Interpretive Center of Republic, WA.

Visitors examine an Albertosaurus with Burke Museum paleontologists at a previous Dino Day.
Photo by Rachel Crick Photography.
Dress up like a dinosaur at Dino Day
Photo by Rachel Crick Photography.
Uncover a fossil in the Dino Dig Pit at Dino Day
Photo by Lora Shinn.

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