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April 27, 2006

The Archaeology of West Point: An Interactive Online Exhibit

Travel back in time and make connections to the past and learn about the prehistoric cultures that once thrived in Seattle's Discovery Park through a new interactive multimedia feature! Seethe remarkable story of a land and its people, and how both changed over time - a tale of urban archaeology and the discovery of ancient cultures beneath the city of Seattle.

Also, find out what it is like to be an archaeologist confronted with a complex array of data to analyze.Curator of Archaeology, Peter Lape is pleased with the site because, as he notes, “Aside from Native Americans and a small cadre of archaeologists, few people know about Seattle’s ancient roots. This new website lets visitors see what a part of Seattle looked like 4,000 years ago, and how it changed over time into the place we now call West Point.”

View the artifacts and maps that archaeologists used to help unravel the past of Discovery Park at www.washington.edu/burkemuseum/westpoint/.

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