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May 23, 2007

Burke’s Spider Curator Helps Bothell High Students Win State Competition

Seattle-- The Burke's spider curator Rod Crawford recently contributed to the success of Bothell High School students in the annual Science Olympiad state competition. Through Rod’s preparation and assistance in the area of insects, students Megan Lacy and her partner Emma Bishop won first-place in the Entomology contest. As a team, Bothell High also won their first ever State Science Olympiad Championship on April 1, 2007.

On an individual and school-wide scale, Megan and Emma are appreciative of Rod’s help. “I want to thank him for showing us the bugs and answering our questions.”

Each year, the Science Olympiad Program hosts tournaments that bring together bright minds from middle and high schools across the country. Science Olympiad utilizes these tournaments to encourage research, classroom activities and training workshops throughout the year. The Burke Museum staff of curators, and their collections, is often available to the public for projects such as this. The Burke provides this service to the community, whether it’s for students in the Science Olympiad or citizens with an avocation in paleontology, natural plants or basket weaving!

Along with the rest of their Bothell High team, Megan and Emma now advance to the National Science Olympiad Competition, to be held in May.

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