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July 12, 2006

Slide Presentation: The Living Wild with Photographer Art Wolfe

Burke Museum
Sat., July 22, 2006
10:30 am

Seattle – Join world-renowned wildlife photographer Art Wolfe at the Burke Museum for a slide-illustrated talk on wildlife worldwide. A prolific artist with a unique photographic vision, Wolfe is also a passionate advocate for the conservation of diversity in wildlife. Through lavish photographs, Wolfe will discuss the present and future status of Earth’s wild places. The talk covers more than 140 species, ranging from jaguars to Bengal tigers and mountain gorillas to giant pandas, from as far away as Antarctica to the high Canadian Arctic.

The slide presentation is presented as part of the current photography exhibit on view at the Burke, Wildlife Photographer of the Year – Award Winners, for which Wolfe served as a judge. Wolfe will also talk about his role as one of the judges for this photo competition that received over 17,000 entries from all over the world.

The multimedia presentation includes slides and video footage to accompany the very latest information from the field—from field biologists and from the photographer himself, with anecdotes drawn from over three years of photographing for his recent book, The Living Wild.

Tickets are $12 general and $10 Burke Museum members. They may be purchased in advance through the Burke's Education office at burked@u.washington.edu
or 206-543-9681. Seating is limited. Ticket price covers museum admission, including access to the new exhibit Wildlife Photographer of the Year – Award Winners.

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