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April 01, 2005

Meet the Mammals

Inaugural Series of Burke Museum Mammal Lectures

April - May 2005

Seattle—The Burke Museum is presenting an inaugural lecture series, Meet the Mammals, beginning April 6 with Curator of Mammals, Professor Jim Kenagy. The series, for anyone interested in learning about animal life, offers an opportunity to appreciate the natural history and biology of mammals. The three-lecture series is presented by the Burke Museum and includes the following lectures:

Wed., April 6, 2005 7- 8:30 pm
Remarkable Mammals: Diversity for All Environments

This is the story of the evolution and diversification of mammals. Mammals live in all of Earth's varied environments. The 4,632 living species fall within 26 major groups, known as "Orders." From their small, terrestrial, Triassic ancestors, how did the earliest mammals diversify into such a wide array of world lineages - from aardvarks to zebras, bats to whales, armadillos, marsupials, rodents, and carnivores? How did they adapt to Earth's varied habitats and different continental histories to take on such different life styles? Washington State holds about 150 mammal species, belonging to just nine of the 26 orders. Why do various regions of Earth differ in their diversity of mammalian orders and species?

Wed., April 20, 2005 7- 8:30 pm
Encountering Whales: The Historic Return of Mammals to the Sea
This lecture will focus on the fascinating story of whales and other marine mammals. Descended from other land-dwelling mammalian ancestors, whales have adapted themselves to a fully aquatic existence. Fossil evidence of whale evolution can be found here in Washington State.

Wed., May 4, 2005 7- 8:30 pm
Human Heritage: The Diversity of Primates and Our Place in Nature

The third lecture will address the biology of primates and the biological roots of our human nature, as well as the expansion of the geographic range of humans and our resulting global impact.

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