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March 04, 2006

Evolution and Birds: Burke Museum to Focus on Evolution at Annual Dinosaur Day

Saturday, March 4, 2006
10 am –4:30 pm

Seattle- Discover the evolutionary connection between dinosaurs and birds at Dinosaur Day on Sat. March 4, from 10 am to 4:30 pm. See dinosaur-era fossils from the Burke’s extensive collection along with several hands-on learning activities offered for every age group throughout the day.

Compare a dinosaur’s forelimb with the wings of a typical bird of today such as a robin. Look at the feather imprints of the 150-million-year-old fossil Archaeopteryx – and see the similarities. Also, meet the Burke’s new paleontology curator, Dr. Christian Sidor, who recently returned from field work in Antarctica.

Activities for children include building models of the "Demon Duck of Doom," a giant prehistoric bird, the Dinosaur Walk - a comparison of strides between birds, dinosaurs, and humans, and the Dinosaur Romp Room – where you can dress up with dinosaur body parts in a prehistoric setting, plus all visitors are invited to explore the touchable fossils table - more body parts, but fossilized.

A new special feature: Burke paleontologists Christian Sidor and Liz Nesbitt will be showing fossils from the Burke collection and talking about what paleontology field work is really like at 11 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm.

Look through tables of dinosaur bones and other dinosaur-era vertebrates, invertebrates, plants and minerals, provided by the Burke and the Northwest Paleontology Association, of Seattle.

Parking is provided in several lots throughout the UW campus in Seattle. Ask for available parking options at the toll booth when entering campus – or go to the University of Washington Web site for parking instructions at http://www.washington.edu/admin/parking/visitday.html Parki.ng is free after 12 noon on Sat., March 4.

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