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August 01, 2007

Ciscoe Morris Shares Bug Stories

8th Annual Bug Blast

Join the Burke Museum on Sun., Sept. 9, 10 am to 4 pm, for a full day of buggy activities at the 8th annual Bug Blast. See bugs that eat plants, plants that eat bugs, or eat a bug yourself! Engage in squirmy, slithery hands-on fun.Family activities throughout the day include creating bug art, using bug glasses, quizzing yourself with bug trivia and more.

At 1:00 pm, Ciscoe Morris, host of the popular television and radio show “Gardening with Ciscoe,” will share his energetic appreciation for bugs in the garden with an interactive program, Eek, Squish, Splat!Bugs don't get the respect they deserve.Plant specialist Ciscoe Morris of KIRO radio and KING TV will use bug puppets and pinned bugs to discuss how fascinating bugs are, and how important they are to our world.The puppet presentation focuses on the beneficial qualities of insects and illustrates how bugs that are generally considered enemies of man have positive qualities as well. The talk is fun and informative, focusing mainly on local bugs. Although it's aimed at kids, there will be plenty of stories, humor, and practical information on how to deal with garden critters that will keep adults interested as well.

Bug Blast has something for everyone!Throughout the day, explore the bug collections of the Burke Museum and other groups and individuals around the state.Pacific Science Center brings their bug zoo to show off some of their most fascinating multi-legged critters.Buzz by the Puget Sound Beekeepers, who are bringing hundreds of bees as well as delicious samples of honey.Kids and grown-ups alike will learn interesting and useful new facts from Bug Blast presenters about composting, West Nile Virus, carnivorous plants and more.

Bug Blast is included with museum admission. This event is sponsored in part by the Microsoft Corporation.

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