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August 14, 2006

Buzz to Bug Tunes at the 7th Annual: Bug Blast!

Sun., Sept. 17, 2006 10 am – 4:30 pm

Seattle—Feed your fascination when thousands of specimens, dead and alive, are transported from the deep vaults of the Burke Museum, brought in from private collections and the zoo, and put on display for one day only on Sun., Sept. 17 from 10 am to 4:30 pm. And for the first time, Bug Blast will be hopping with bug music for the entire family!

Local performer John Ackermann will present two short programs of original music about bugs. Visitors can also enjoy a sneak preview of Share This Place, a film by Britta Johnson, with live music by Spectratone International, based on the richly poetic work of 19th Century French entomologist Jean Henri Fabre. (This piece will premieras part of theSeattle International Children's Festival in May, 2007.)

See bugs that eat plants, plants that eat bugs, or eat a bug yourself! Create beetle art, enjoy bug glasses, bug quizzes, and other fun stuff for the entire family in a day filled with musical presentations, displays, and hands-on activities! Experience the ever popular Ant Cam: a live, transparent nest of thatching ants continuously displayed on a TV monitor. Woodland Park Zoo will join the fun with live giant insects and tarantulas. Plus kids can dig for live bugs in a “leaf compost,” courtesy of the Master Composters -- and don’t miss the fossil bugs and carnivorous plants!

Learn fun facts about bugs: Did you know... Bees, moths, and flies pollinate 65% of the earth’s flowering plants, and thus make the world bloom.Ants and beetles keep us from drowning in dead creatures, by eating their remains. And spiders keep more insects under control than all the birds, bats, frogs, and humans with pesticides put together.And...bugs make up 90% of the world’s creatures!

Bug Blast is included with museum admission. Bug Blast is presented by Scarabs: The Bug Society and several members of the organization will be in attendance helping you identify your own bug collections and answering questions.

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