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IMAGINE THAT: Surprising Stories and Amazing Objects at the Burke Museum

April 12, 2014 - October 26, 2014

Over the past 145 years the Burke Museum has amassed millions of things—more than 15 million of them!

Like most museums, the Burke displays only a tiny portion of its collections in galleries. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, rows and rows of shelves hold an astounding variety of objects related to natural history and human culture—baskets and beetles, hummingbirds and hammerhead sharks, masks and mammoths. Read the story behind Seattle's first coffee mug!

It makes you wonder: Why do museums have all these things? Where did they come from? What are they used for?

This remarkable exhibit reveals the surprising stories, complex questions, and awe-inspiring answers hidden inside objects. See a new side of the Burke, and uncover some of the most fascinating, intriguing, and rare objects in its collection. Join scientists making daily discoveries in the exhibit, and learn how collections show us new things about the world around us every day. You might even learn something new about yourself. Imagine that!

Update on the Tusk: The mammoth tusk recently found in South Lake Union will be on display in the Imagine That exhibit in its plaster jacket. Burke scientists will continue to monitor the tusk—you may even see them doing it while you're in the gallery!—and may need to remove it from the galleries if it is not drying out properly. If that happens, we will post any updates here.


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