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Nature photos are beautiful and inspiring. They also make us think twice about the world around us – and what we stand to lose if we don't protect the places that matter to us.

We want to know: What do YOU want to protect? 
From the bird’s nest in your backyard to that spot on the hiking trail where you feel totally alone… from the tiny park down the block to a tree frog half a world away… what matters to you? Check out the photos that have been added to our Conservation Candids Flickr group:

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The 80 images in the Burke Museum's International Conservation Photography (ICP) Awards exhibit recognize excellence in conservation photography, but we know the desire to capture beautiful moments in the natural world extends far beyond this competition (and our limited wall space!).

It's easy to participate. Simply add your photo to our "Conservation Candids" photo pool on Flickr.

(Update 11/26/12) Congratulations, Don! Winner of the Lytro "living pictures" camera
We drew the name of one lucky participant through a random drawing and are proud to announce a winner! Congratulations Don (aka "TheToeJam" on Flickr) for winning a Lytro "living pictures" camera for participating in our Conservation Candids contest.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted photos! We love seeing the beautiful moments you've captured in nature. Even though the contest is over, let's keep the photo sharing going!

To add a photo on Flickr:

  1. Login/sign up on Flickr
  2. Join the Burke Museum’s Flickr group - "Conservation Candids"
  3. Upload your image (or multiple images!) to your Flickr photostream or find one you already have posted
  4. Add your image to our group – When viewing the image you want to submit, click on "Actions" at the top of the image, then "Add to a Group"
  5. That's it!

Eye to Eye. Air Station Prairie, Glenview, IL.