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Salish Bounty

Check out the following resources to find out more about the information presented in Salish Bounty: Traditional Native Foods of Puget Sound.

Burke Museum Archaeology Division

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Hungry Planet

Hungry Planet: What the World Eats is based on a book by the same name written by Peter Menzel and Faith D’ Alusio (2005). For more information on sustainable practices, nutrition, and other topics presented in this exhibit, check out the following resources.

For Foodies

David George Gordon, The Bug Chef

PCC Cooks Instructors

PCC Natural Markets, Sound Consumer Newsletter

Williams, Jaqueline (1996). The Way We Ate: Pacific Northwest Cooking, 1843-1900. Pullman: Washington State University Press.

Sustainable practices

Monterey Bay Aquarium, Seafood Watch

Neighborhood Farmers Markets Alliance

Poe, Melissa (2011, Spring). Foraging Wild Foods in Urban Spaces. University of Washington Department of Anthropology e-Anthropolog.

Seattle P-Patch Community Gardens

Solid Ground, Lettuce Link

The UW Farm

Social Issues

Ley, Haven (2011, March 14). The Importance in Investing in Women Farmers.

Erika Kinetz, Erika (2011, December 13). India’s retailers, farmers face uncertain future. The Seattle Times.


The Revis family, USA, with a week's worth of food.
Photo © Peter Menzel, 2005.