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Hungry Planet

Hungry Planet: What the World Eats

Representative of culture, tradition, and survival, what we eat is essential to our connections to each other and the earth. The Burke Museum presents Hungry Planet: What the World Eats, a traveling exhibit that provides a place to gather and discuss 21st century food issues and ideas.

Hungry Planet introduces families from 10 countries around the world through photographs of family members at home, at the market, and surrounded by a week’s worth of groceries. Additional text and displays explore topics from sustainable farming to cultural survival. These topics encourage us all to ask questions about our own food choices. Where does our food come from? How has the food we eat changed over time?

These questions are given a local, cultural lens in Salish Bounty: Traditional Native American Foods of Puget Sound, a supplementary display to Hungry Planet. The three-part display was created in close collaboration between the Burke Museum and local tribal members, and connects Burke Museum research on 5,000 years of tribal diets to current efforts to revitalize Coast Salish food traditions.

Fish Aisle at the Market, Japan.
Photo © Peter Menzel, 2005.