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Amphibians of Washington

Western Toad
(Bufo boreas)


What they look like

  • 5-13cm
  • Wide variety of colors including: white, gray, reddish brown, yellow or green
  • Have black blotches with bumps that have small red centers
  • Have a light colored back stipe and large paratoid glands

Where they live

  • Have a wide range in Washington state, although not generally found in southeastern portion of the state
  • Are land dwellers and can be found in woodlands, meadows and mountainous wetlands
  • Dig shallow burrows in loose ground or shelter under rocks or logs


  • Breeding season is Feb-April
  • Prefer slow moving, quiet waters, especially wetlands for breeding
  • Eggs are laid in strings in rows and hatch within 10 days
  • Tadpoles take up to two months to complete metamorphosis

Cool Biology Facts

  • Males do not have vocal sacs!  But can make a chirping sound when captured.
  • In higher elevations, will hibernate in underground chambers near streams or take over other animal’s underground lairs.
  • Males have been observed fighting for the right to mate with females.


Distribution Map


Main threats include Chytrid fungus, habitat destruction, introduced species and climate change.