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Rana aurora, Red-legged frog

Description (GAP Analysis mapThis is a large frog (males, 7 cm; females, 10 cm total length) that is light golden to dark brown on the back and may have some dark spots; they have moderately to well developed dorsolateral folds (ridges of skin along the sides of the back).

Distribution. The red-legged frog occurs widely west of the Cascade Mountains from British Columbia to California. 

Habitat. These frogs lives in forests, damp meadows, marshes, ponds, lakes, and streamsides. During rainy seasons, they are occasionally found on land away from water.

Cool Biology Facts. Red-legged frogs have fairly quiet voices and are seldom heard by people. They may call underwater and even start breeding before ice melts from ponds!

Conservation status. Red-legged frogs can be very common in appropriate habitats. However, as with many other amphibians, they are sensitive to destruction or damage (such as from pollution) of wetlands habitats throughout their range.


Rana aurora, Red-legged frog
Rana aurora, Red-legged frog
Photo by Brad Moon