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Amphibians of Washington

Cascades frog
(Rana cascadae)


What they look like

  • 4-7.6cm
  • Brownish or green with black spots on their backs and yellow on underside
  • Have small bumps on their back and sides
  • Have a dark ‘mask’ with a white jaw line stripe that goes all the way to their shoulders.

Where they live

  • In Washington State found in Cascade and Olympic Mountains
  • Prefer quiet water sources including ponds, lakes, marshes or slow moving streams at low elevations
  • Stay near the water, except for humid, wet nights can be found in mud or thick vegetation away from water


  • Breeding season is March- August, as soon as water sources are thawed out
  • Eggs are bicolored, black on top and white on bottom
  • Eggs are found near shore and are clumped together unattached to anything
  • Will not breed in water sources that contain predatory fish

Cool Biology Facts

  • Hibernate during winter and have been found up to one foot below water buried in mud.
  • When startled will quickly leap into water and dive head first into the substrate
  • Skin secretes antimicrobial substance to protect against unwanted infections or pests


Distribution Map


Major threats include introduced fish in breeding waters and habitat loss and destruction.