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WTU Image Collection:
Plants and Lichens of Washington

Photographs, distribution maps, and descriptions for Washington's vascular plants and lichens. Also includes several identification key. 

Washington Flora checklist
A working checklist of the vascular plants of Washington State.

PNW Herbaria Portal
A search portal for Pacific Northwest flora. The portal provides access to collections held by herbaria throughout the region.

Washington Weed Mapping
An interactive mapping tool that displays ranges of weeds and invasive plants in the state. This tool can also be used to map native species.

WTU Collections Map for Washington
An interactive map of Washington state displaying collection localities for all vascular plant specimens in the WTU Herbarium Database.

WTU's Distribution Maps for Washington State
These county-level maps cover all of Washington's vascular plant species, and are based on data from WTU's specimen database. 

County-level species lists for Washington State
Generate custom species lists for Washington's vascular plants, covering one or more counties. Based on WTU's specimen database.

Russian Far East Flora Database
Provides access to herbarium specimen data from the Russian Far East, collected during the International Kuril Islands Project and International Sakhalin Islands Project between 1995 and 2003.