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In 2002, North Cascades National Park (NOCA) contracted the University of Washington Herbarium (WTU) to organize a series of plant collecting trips to generate vouchers of the park's flora. NOCA and WTU staff generated a list of collecting sites based on floristic richness or the lack of previous inventory work. The 3-4 day collecting trips are led by WTU and NOCA staff, with support from WTU volunteers. Specimen processing occurs at WTU, which includes making identifications, label making, and mounting. Specimens in the field are collected in replicate, with the first set housed at the park herbarium, and the second at WTU.

Three outings were made to NOCA in 2002. Additional funding from the National Park Service enabled a fourth trip to be made to NOCA in 2003, with additional trips in 2004 and 2005 that included include Mount Rainier National Park (MORA), and Ebey's Landing National Historic Reserve on Whidbey Island.

These outings have been a great success. From 2002-2005, 465 taxa were collected at NOCA; nearly 23% of these taxa represent new voucher records for the NOCA herbarium.

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Fisher Creek Basin, 2003.
Photo: Jeff Walker

Mount Rainier National Park

Ebey's Landing National Historic Reserve