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Research - Fisher Creek Basin 2003


In late August, Sarah Gage from WTU and Steve Hahn from NOCA led six WTU volunteers and two Student Conservation Association interns on a four-day, three-night trip to the high elevation region of Fisher Creek Basin. Access to the area was gained via Easy Pass, a route that does not live up to its name. The group spent two days collecting in this alpine basin and the surrounding talus slopes. Over 200 collections were made, for a total of nearly 450 specimens.

In addition to Sarah and Steve, the participants included Walter Lockwood, Cody Hinchliff, Peter Zika, Cheryl Soldati, Nancy Job, Jim Duemmel, Jeff Walker, and Sharon Rodman.

# of Collections  211
# of Specimens  447
# of Taxa  145


Group photo at trip's end.
Collecting in Fisher Creek Basin.
On trail at Easy Pass above Fisher Creek Basin.

New Records for NOCA Park Complex: The following taxa were not previously documented from within the park complex with a voucher specimen at the NOCA herbarium.

Agrostis mertensii
Anemone drummondii
Arnica X diversifolia
Botrychium minganense
Carex illota
Carex preslii
Elymus hirsutus
Gymnocarpium disjunctum
Poa abbreviata ssp. pattersonii
Ranunculus suksdorfii
Salix arctica
Salix barclayi ?
Saxifraga lyallii
Senecio elmeri
Senecio fremontii
Trichophorum caespitosum
Vaccinium uliginosum