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Research - Foray 2000

2000 Herbarium Foray: John Day River Valley, Ochoco National Forest 

The 2000 Herbarium Foray was held 8 - 12 June in the Ochoco National Forest and John Day River valley of Oregon, and we collected over 1500 vascular plant specimens (more than 300 numbers in multiple replicates). Despite the frosty temperatures at the 5000' Walton Lake Campground, the narrow canyons and forested slopes of the region displayed showy stands of Iris missouriensis, a diversity of Penstemon species, and rare species of Thelypodium and Carex. John Myers again prepared a lavish spaghetti feast for the group on Saturday night, and the annual dessert contest reached new caloric heights.

The 24 participants included students, faculty, and staff from UW, as well as several volunteers and U.S. Forest Service personnel: Paul Beardsley, Alison Colwell, Ken Davis, Ola Edwards, Sarah Gage, Robert Goff, Emily Griswold, Dena Grossenbacher, Judy and Wayne Harpel, Randall Hitchin, Gretchen Ionta, Don Knoke, Mark Lesko, Gayle McHenry-Teller, Anne and Sarah Mulleniex, John Myers, Richard Robohm, Sasa Stefanovic, Kari Stiles, and Jean Wood. The family Canidae was more than adequately represented by Hank, Pico, Phinney, Sammi, and Waco.

Ochoco National Forest