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Research - Foray 1997

1997 Herbarium Foray: Blue Mountains (Umatilla National Forest), Washington

The second annual foray took place in June 1997 and it was another great success, with fifteen people and two dogs traveling to the Blue Mountains in southeastern Washington. We camped for five days at Wooten State Park in the Tucannon River valley. Participants visited a variety of habitats and collected a large diversity of plants that will add over 522 vascular plant specimens and over 200 moss and lichen specimens to the Herbarium. These numbers do not include replicates, which will be used as exchange material with other herbaria.

As in 1996, a high point of the weekend was the Saturday night spaghetti dinner prepared for the group by John Myers. Dinner was followed by a dessert potluck that included the sublime (homebaked pie made of the native blackberry, Rubus ursinus) and the ridiculous (Mallomars).

Foray participants were: Richard Olmstead, Sarah Gage, Mildred Arnot, Tracy Fuentes Katie Glew, Robert Goff, Don Knoke, Judy Harpel, Randall Hitchin, Midori Murai, John Myers, Pat Reeves, Richard Robohm, Doug Williams, Alan Yen. The canines were Pico and Waco.

The 1997 Foray was followed by a series of four evening sessions held in late 1997 and early 1998, during which Foray participants and other volunteers identified the plant specimens. All of the more than 522 specimens from 1997 were identified before the start of the 1998 Foray. In addition, this year marked the initial disbursement of specimens from a Herbarium Foray, with specimens from the 1996 trip to Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge being sent as exchange material to Oregon State University.

Clarkia pulchella