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Washington State Field Guides

As the state’s official natural history and cultural museum, the Burke is dedicated to sharing knowledge about the natural world and our place in it. We strive to inspire respect for and curiosity about human life, nature, and the environment.

Geology of Washington

Learn why our region is so geologically active.The state gem is petrified wood.

Plants of Washington

Look up native plant info.The state tree is the Western hemlock.

Mammals of Washington

Meet the state's 141 species of mammals. The state marine mammal is the orca.

Reptiles of Washington

Facts and photos about our 28 species of turtles, lizards, and snakes.

Amphibians of Washington

Facts and photos about the 26 species of frogs and salamanders.

Birds of Washington

Seattle Audubon's guide.The state bird is the American goldfinch.

Fishes of Puget Sound

See our 71 fish families, hosted by the UW Fish Collection. The state fish is the steelhead trout.

Fossils of Washington

See ancient plants and animals captured in stone. The state fossil is the Columbian mammoth.

Photo credits: Geology, courtesy U.S. National Park Service; Native art, by Nathan Jackson; plants, by Ben Legler; mammals, courtesy of NOAA; reptiles, by Brad Moon; amphibians, by Brad Moon; birds, Wikimedia GNU Free Documentation License; fishes, by Robert W. Hines, courtesy of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; fossils, by T.A. Dillhoff.