You Build It

Monday, January 25, 2016Sunday, May 15, 2016

Join the conversation with You Build It: An Evolving Exhibit. Share your thoughts and take part in an ever-changing discussion on topics that shape our local and global community—climate change, Seattle’s rapid growth, cultural identity and extinction. Topics were selected based on feedback from community listening sessions where the Burke asked individuals from diverse backgrounds what issues matter most to them and their friends and family. 

Two girls hang labels up on a wall

Photo: Kiest Photography

The Burke is bringing its collections and research related to these topics into the You Build It exhibit. Each topic area will include displays where visitors can leave their feedback and read others’ comments, along with artifacts from early Seattle dumpsites, plant specimens impacted by climate change, and additional objects to add to the discussion. 

This spring, the public is invited to a series of conversation-based events further exploring climate change, urban density and cultural identity. These free events will be facilitated by leaders in these areas and focus on visitor feedback received in the ever-growing installations. 

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