Testing, Testing 1-2-3

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A rehearsal for the New Burke

Testing, Testing 1-2-3 animation

Construction is underway on the New Burke, a flagship museum of natural history and culture for Washington state opening in 2019. Unlike other museums, where the public is on one side of the wall and collections and research are on the other, the New Burke will invite you to see and be part of discoveries as they happen.

In Testing, Testing 1-2-3, we're auditioning ideas for the New Burke. We're building visible labs to give visitors a sneak peek at how behind-the-scenes work—like preparing bird specimens and fossils, or getting objects ready for a move—will be highlighted in the new museum. 

Come learn with Burke experts, test innovative activities for all ages (kids are some of the most important testers), and share your reactions—all feedback is good!

Watch as Burke paleontology experts carefully expose the teeth of the "Tufts-Love" T. rex skull.
Photo: Burke Museum

A Burke Museum paleontology expert prepares a thescelosaur spine fossil.

Burke staff are prepping a thescelosaur spine that was found in Montana. See fossil prep like this and more in Testing, Testing 1-2-3!
Photo: Burke Museum

Burke fossil preparator Bruce Crowley and paleontology volunteer Jean Primozich carefully remove rock from the T. rex skull.
Photo: Burke Museum

Examples of packing materials used for the move to the New Burke

The ethnology team uses a variety of supplies to pack objects for the move to the New Burke.
Photo: Burke Museum

What's happening
Here are some recent examples of what’s happening in Testing, Testing 1-2-3:

See for yourself what work is currently in progress! Plan your visit.

T. rex LIVE

Last summer, Burke paleontologists discovered a 3,000-lb Tyrannosaurus rex skull! Watch live in Testing, Testing 1-2-3 as scientists carefully remove rock and reveal more of the skull each day. Learn more.

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