Pacific Voices

Friday, October 9, 2015Sunday, December 30, 2018

Through art, ceremony and stories, get to know the peoples of the Pacific Rim.

To design this exhibit, representatives of 17 ethnic communities and tribes considered the question: How do we pass our culture along from one generation to the next? Their answers fall into three categories: language and stories, teachers and elders, and ceremonies, with each community choosing one or more examples to share.

From the sights of a traditional Korean wedding ceremony or the Inupiaq’s whaling culture to the sounds of the hulu and tales told by storytellers, these vignettes offer insight into the rich and varied cultural heritage of the residents of Washington state. Pacific Voices is about cultural identity—about how we know who we are. 

Pacific Voices exhibit

Photo: Andrew Waits.

Northwest Coast Highlights

Included in the Pacific Voices exhibit are multiple examples of art and tradition from different Native American cultures of the Northwest Coast. Learn about efforts to save the Lushootseed language and the tradition of potlach, envision the drama of masked ceremonies, and see the intricate patterns of handmade capes, baskets and hats.

For more Northwest Coast highlights, remember to also visit the Welcome Case in the museum lobby.

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