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Selva Fría: Cold Jungle

Apr. 7, 2004 – May 16, 2004

Take a photographic journey to the rain forests of southern Chile, with Selva Fría: Cold Jungle, Photographs of the Chilean Temperate Rainforest. The rich color photographs of Chilean photographer Mariana Matthews was on display in the Burke Room April 7 – May 16, coinciding with Matthews' residency at the University of Washington. This presentation was co-sponsored by Washington/Chile Partners of the Americas and the Burke Museum.

The coastal forests and archipelagos of southern maritime Chile, including the mystical Isla Grande de Chilé are a biological and cultural counterpart to our own Pacific Northwest coast. Matthews' work allows us to reflect on aspects of human history and exploitation of southern coastal Chile's environment.

The photographs capture the natural beauty and legacy of old growth forests, addressing the attention needed to assure conservation and restoration of this valuable environment. For the past several years Matthews' has worked actively to offset the exploitation that has occurred increasingly in her homeland since the beginning of European intrusion.

The exhibit coincided with Matthews' month-long residency at the University of Washington. If you are interested in meeting the photographer, please contact Burke Museum Curator Jim Kenagy (kenagy@u.washington.edu). Dr. Kenagy is also involved in research on the southern rainforests of Chile.

Chilean temperate rainforest
Chilean temperate rainforest.
Photo by Mariana Matthews