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Special Exhibit

Life Abounds: Arctic Native Wildlife Art

June 23, 2005 – Sept. 5, 2005

Traditional and contemporary Native American wildlife art from the Burke Museum's renowned Native American art collection and the private collection of John and Joyce Price are featured in this stunning exhibit of prints, carvings, and masks.

More than 90 beautiful pieces of art depicting Arctic animals by the Yup'ik, Inupiat, and Inuit people are displayed. Each one was created by Native people who have known, lived with, and depended upon these animals for thousands of years. The art is timeless and reflects the people who made the art as much as the animals.

Included in the exhibit are traditional masks and fetishes; carvings in ivory, stone, wood, and bone; and colorful contemporary prints. An ongoing slide presentation illuminates print images on the wall, revealing changing patterns that are both contemporary and historical. Accompanying text addresses the ancient and enduring relationships between the people and the animals.

Animal-like artifact