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Short Takes on Plastics

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Tues., Feb. 5, 2013 | 7 pm
$5 at the door; $4 online through Stgpresents.org (online fees apply)

The Burke Museum is partnering with the Seattle Theatre Group to host an evening of fast-paced talks, called Short Takes, about plastics. Ten experts from UW and beyond will have six minutes and 20 slides to discuss a range of topics, covering the benefits and unwanted side effects of plastics on our health, cultures, and environments across the globe. Subjects include: The Promise of Plastic, Micro-Plastics in the Ocean; The Pre-Plastic Kitchen; and  Big Red: The 3D Printer that Turns Scrap Plastic into Composting Latrines.

"Short Takes on Plastics" talks and speakers to date (subject to change)

  • What We Leave Behind: Plastics and the Archaeological Record – Julie Stein, Director, Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture
  • What is Plastic? AJ Boydston, Assistant Professor, UW Department of Chemistry
  • Plastic in the Global Ocean – Giora  Proskurowski, Research Scientist,  UW Oceanography
  • An Inconvenient Shift: My Month without Plastic – Samantha Porter, Operations Assistant, Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture
  • The UW Garbology Project: Campus Waste and the Challenges Posed by Plastics – Jack Johnson, UW archaeologist, PhD student, founder of the UW Garbology Project
  • Big Red: The 3D Printer that Turns Scrap Plastic into Composting Latrines – Matt Rogge,  post baccalaureate student, Mechanical Engineering, UW
  • The Pre-Plastic Kitchen: Preserving Food in the Victorian Home – Lauren Palmor, UW Art History Doctoral student
  • The Cutting Edge: The Promise of Plastics – Jim Griffing, President, Society of Plastics Engineers
  • Garbage to Fuel: Turning Landfill Bound Plastic into Crude Oil – Todd Pendexter, Business Development Manager, Agilyx Corporation
  • Plastic Recycling: End of Life Management and Resurrection – Kim Holmes, Principal Consultant 4R Sustainability, Inc.

Ticket info:
Tickets are $5 at the door or through stgpresents.org (standard online fees apply). To purchase tickets, click here.

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