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Dino Day

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Sat., Mar. 3, 2012 | 10 am – 4 pm

The popular family event returns this year to explore prehistoric predators and their prey! Get an up-close view of the Burke Museum’s paleontology collections and learn who was on the hunt, and who was a tasty dinosaur treat.

Dino Day activities include:

  • Watch scientists prepare a 49-million-year-old giant softshell turtle fossil
  • Crack open your own fossils with the Stonerose Interpretive Center
  • Talk with Burke paleontologists about their expeditions around the world
  • Draw your own dinosaur or have a professional illustrator draw one for you
  • Uncover a fossil ichthyosaur in the Dino Dig Pit
  • Dress up in dino-gear
  • Make healthy snacks in the PCC Kid Picks Mobile to fuel your dino discovery


Burke members - skip the lines and get special early admission to Dino Day! From 9 - 10 am, enjoy the collections and activities. Not a member? Join today and take part in this special Burke membership perk!

Juvenile T. Rex
By Stephanie Abramowicz