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Spirit and Ancestor: A Century of Northwest Coast Indian Art at the Burke Museum

Spirit and Ancestor won the Governor's Book Award in 1988. The Burke Museum at the University of Washington celebrated its centennial by publishing this catalog of 100 of its finest pieces. Tools, trade items, and the rarest ceremonial objects, from the Columbia River to Southeast Alaska, are described by internationally respected expert and Burke curator emeritus, Bill Holm, and portrayed in superb color photographs.

The story of the acquisition of these treasures is laced with names famous in Northwest Coast History: James G. Swan and Myron Eells, whose collections for the World's Columbian Exposition formed the basis for the Burke's Northwest Coast collection; Lt. George T. Emmons, whose acquisitions for the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition transformed the Northwest Coast materials into a major collection; and Caroline McGilvra Burke, who not only donated artifacts but left the bequest, in Judge Thomas Burke's memory, that provided both the name and the building for the current museum.


Holm, Bill. Spirit and Ancestor: A Century of Northwest Coast Indian Art at the Burke Museum. Seattle: University of Washington Press and Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum; 1987.

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