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Restore the Shelton Story Pole!

Thanks to the support of the community, the 37-foot story pole, carved by renowned artist and Snohomish Tribe leader William Shelton, has been returned to the Northwest.

The Coast Salish story pole was originally commissioned for Krape Park in Freeport, Illinois, in October of 1935, where it stood for more than sixty years before it fell into such severe disrepair that it had to be removed. The Freeport Park District debated what to do with the decaying pole, ultimately deciding the Burke's large Northwest Coast collection, expertise, and connection to the artist's region made it the perfect place for the pole to be housed and restored.

Every object has a story. Thank you for being a part of this one!

William Shelton carving a story pole in 1912 or 1913. (Negative No. NA859, Ferdinand Brady Photographic Postcards PH Coll 139, University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections Division)
The story pole stood in Freeport, Illinois, for nearly 70 years.