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Summer Camps

From dinos to dodos, Peru to the Philippines, Burke Museum Summer Camps at the University of Washington take you behind-the-scenes with real artifacts and specimens! Work with a team of scientists, artists, and educators to explore the wonderful world of the Pacific!

2015 summer camps are closed. Registration for our 2016 summer camps will begin in January 2016.

2015 Half Day Camps

Children in Little Dinos costumes gather on the front steps of the Burke

Little Dinos 

So many dinosaurs to explore! Hold a real dinosaur bone, play dinosaur games and practice being a paleontologist with a real fossil-hunter.

For students entering grades K-1

Session 1: June 29–July 3, 2015 – morning session
Session 2: July 13–17, 2015 – afternoon session 
Session 3: August 3–7, 2015 – afternoon session
$200 for half day session
$300 combo with Pacific Explorers camp

A boy holds up a leaf to the viewer

Pacific Explorers

Be an explorer of the lands and waters of the Pacific Ocean! Make model rafts and explore the museum’s collection of birds and mammals from around the Pacific.

For students entering grades K-1

Session 1: June 29–July 3, 2015 – afternoon session
Session 2: July 13–17, 2015 – morning session
Session 3: August 3–7, 2015 – morning session
$200 for half day session
$300 combo with Little Dinos camp


2015 Full Day Camps

A girl in a room full of tropic plants.

Pacific Summer Cruise

Plan your own summer cruise around the Pacific! Design your own sea vessels, make a Micronesian stick map, and explore the people and places you will go!

For students entering grades 2-3

July 6–10, 2015

A boy in a handmade dinosaur mask staring at the camera.


Do you love dinosaurs? Become a junior paleontologist while you dig for Cretaceous beasts, check out the museum’s fossils, create your own dinosaur, and more!

For students entering grades 2-3

Session 1: July 20–24, 2015
Session 2: August 3–7, 2015

A boy in front of a display case in the museum.

Songs of the Pacific

Experience music from South America to China! Build your own drum, learn songs from around the Pacific, and make some music of your own!

For students entering grades 2-3

August 10–14, 2015

Children look on as model volcanoes erupt.

Emeralds and Earthquakes

Journey to the center of the Earth with this geology-themed camp! Build a building to survive an earthquake, examine real fossils, and find out what kind of gems might be hiding in your own backyard!

For students entering grades 4-5

July 6–10, 2015

Children stand in front of a mammoth skeleton.

Into the Ice Age

Time travel back to a colder time in the heat of the summer! Uncover mammoth fossils, make stone tools, and find out how animals adapted to survive.

For students entering grades 4-5

July 20–24, 2015

A girl makes her way through a maze of yarn.

Dr. Mossbreath’s Mystery

Dr. Mossbreath returns for another year of mystery and intrigue. Follow the clues around the museum and through the collection to find the treasure. Artifacts abound in the depths of this museum mystery!

For students entering grades 4-5

July 27–31, 2015

Children participate in a mock archaeological dig

Explore Archaeology

No dinosaurs here! Discover the stories of Washington's early human inhabitants. Investigate authentic museum artifacts and learn what it takes to be an archaeologist.

For students entering grades 6-8

June 29–July 3, 2015

Girl in lab coat looking at test tube at Girls in Science camp

Girls in Science

Learn first-hand from UW and Burke scientists. Explore your curious side while practicing real scientific procedures, visiting labs, and making discoveries in this special girls-only camp!

For girls entering grades 6-7

July 13–17, 2015

A boy pours liquid from one container to another in a lab

Fernbeard Forensics

Become a forensic investigator to solve the crime of Mr. Fernbeard, accused of stealing museum objects! Examine damaged artifacts, identify animal bones, and find out what it takes to be a real museum investigator.

For students entering grades 6-8

July 27–31, 2015

A group of kids gather around an animal skeleton laid out on a table

Wild and Endangered

More and more species of wildlife are going extinct, and we need you to help us stop it! Explore our collections for wildlife from around the world and work with conservation experts to find out what we can do to protect them.

For students entering grades 6-8

August 10–14, 2015


Drop off and Pick up Times
*Late pick ups incur a fee

Half Day Camps - Morning Sessions 

Drop off: 8:45–9:00 AM
Camp: 9:00 AM–Noon
Pick up: by 12:15 PM

Half Day Camps - Afternoon Sessions

Drop off: 12:45–1:00 PM
Camp: 1:00–4:00 PM
Pick up: by 4:15 PM

Half Day Combo Camps
Sign up for a morning and afternoon session on the same day for a great combo price of $300!

Drop-off: 8:45–9:00 AM
Camp: 9:00 AM–4:00 PM   
Pick-up: by 4:15 PM

Full-Day Camps

Drop-off: 8:30–9:00 AM
Camp: 9:00 AM–4:00 PM   
Pick-up: by 4:15 PM


Extended Day Care

Extended Day Care is available until 5:30 pm and costs $12 per day or $50 for the week. Extended Day Care is not available for the morning session half day camps. Discounts do not apply.

Camp Forms

After filling out the registration form, please complete the camp forms below:

Code of Conduct and Photo Release Forms
Medical Background and Acknowledgement of Risk Forms

You can submit your forms to:

ATTN: Dylan High
Burke Museum, Education Division
UW Mailbox 353010
Seattle, WA 98195

Email: burked@uw.edu
Fax: 206-685-3039


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Contact Us

For more information on our 2015 summer camps, contact Burke Education at burked@uw.edu or 206-543-9681.

Special Accommodations

To request disability accommodations, contact the Disability Services Office at the University of Washington at least 10 days in advance: 206-543-6450 (voice), 206-543-6452 (TTY), 206-685-3885 (fax) or dso@uw.edu.