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Living Traditions: The Native People of the Pacific Northwest: Materials to accompany the "Living Traditions" BurkeMobile classroom lessons:

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This project was supported, in part, by an award from 4Culture.

Alaskan Arctic: curriculum and lesson plans on biodiversity and cultures of the Arctic. Plus: Make a mask, caribou antlers, or snow goggles!

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Meet the animals, people, cultural artifacts, and issues of these hotly contested lands. Includes lesson plans and activities.

Archaeology of Seattle's West Point: Witness the remarkable story of prehistoric cultures who lived in Seattle—an interactive online exhibit.

Basketry: Teachers guide for Northwest Coast Basketry

Burke Box Interactives: Online interactive lessons with animations, illustrations, lesson plans, and more, to bring learning to life! Choose from:

Day of the Dead: Learn about this Mexican celebration by making paper marigolds. Or, rent a study kit for your classroom. See humorous toy skeletons from El Día de los Muertos! You can learn more about this holiday interactively with the Día de los Muertos Burke Box Interactive

Earthquakes: curriculum and activities

Fossils and evolution: Check out our curriculum and activities about the Burgess Shale, "Evolution's Big Bang". Also, learn more about fossils in an online interactive environment with this Burke Box Interactive.