Members' Behind-the-Scenes Night

Wednesday, April 4, 2018
5–8 PM

FREE for Burke Members 

Burke members at the 2017 Behind-the-Scenes Night. 
Photo: Andrew Waits

Ever wonder what's behind those doors marked "Staff Only?" Join us for Members' Behind-the-Scenes Night and find out. You can peek inside drawers and under microscopes, too. Explore the entire museum for one night only!

Join us for Behind-the-Scenes Night! Curators and experts from every collection will highlight some of their favorite objects and share the stories behind them. Ask a paleontologist about discovering Washington’s first dinosaur fossil. See rows of intricate woven baskets out from behind glass. Learn how scientists prepare animal specimens for future research. Hold history in your hand.

This event is for Burke Museum Members only. Not a member? Join today!

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