Final Free Week at the Burke

Wednesday, December 26, 2018Sunday, December 30, 2018
10 AM - 5 PM daily


Visitors looking at fossils

Visitors can get up close to fossils in our fossil prep lab.
Photo: Cathy Morris/Burke Museum

Visitors playing dino dress up

Dino dress up is one of the many hands-on nature and culture-themed activities at the Burke's Final Free Week.
Photo: Rachel Ormiston/Burke Museum

Celebrate the final days of the current Burke Museum before we close our doors on December 30, 2018 to move collections and prepare exhibits for the New Burke Museum (opening fall 2019). Enjoy free admission and gallery activities for all ages.

Activities include culture and nature-themed crafts, paint the Burke Room walls with a giant paint-by-number, sign a Burke yearbook, get a closer look at fossils being prepared in open-door paleontology labs, and more!

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