Archaeology Day

Saturday, January 21, 2017
10 AM – 4 PM

Scout pre-registration required

Children enjoying the Burke Museum Archeology Day event

Photo: Dennis Wise

A young boy enjoying the Burke Museum Archeology Day event

Photo: Andrew Waits

A mother and daughter enjoying the Burke Museum Archeology Day event

Photo: Dennis Wise

Uncover thousands of years of human history in one special day at the Burke! Discover how humans lived in the past, what tools they made and how they made them with hundreds of artifacts on display at this annual all-ages event.

Additional Activities:

  • Talk to members of the Muckleshoot Tribe and learn Coast Salish methods of catching and cooking fish as they demonstrate making fish cooking sticks and fish spears,  as well as net repairs.
  • Examine part of a specialized, 25-foot-long ancient river canoe that was discovered in the banks of the Green River. Find out how the Muckleshoot Tribe and Burke archaeologists are restoring the rare canoe and restoring knowledge back to the community.
  • Examine artifacts from beneath Pike Place Market and get a new perspective on one of Seattle’s most popular destinations.
  • See how 3-D printing is creating 21st century replicas of prehistoric artifacts, and helping support the restoration of the Green River canoe.
  • Try your hand at the hunting skill of atlatl throwing.
  • Watch flintknapping demonstrations and discover how stone tools are made.
  • Find out what your car keys are made of or if your ring is pure gold with an X-ray fluorescence ray gun used to analyze artifacts. Try on scuba gear, write underwater and learn more about underwater archaeology.

Archaeology Day includes a special opportunity for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to participate in programs and earn badges! Visit our Scout Programs page for event details and pre-registration information.

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