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Reaching a vast and diverse audience, the Burke Museum Traveling Exhibits Service brings natural history, cultural heritage, scholarship, and research directly to communities and neighborhoods across the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Each traveling exhibit comes with educational resources and publicity kit.

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2012 International Conservation Photography Awards

The top photo contest winners of the 2012 International Conservation Photography Awards (ICP Awards) will tour the country following the full display at the Burke Museum from June 30 – November 25, 2012.  The ICP Awards was created by environmental advocate and nature photographer Art Wolfe.

Arctic Wings: Miracle of Migration

visitors at exhibition

Arctic Wings showcases the work of seven photographers whose images help tell remarkable stories of how more than 190 migratory species of birds from throughout the world depend on Arctic habitats for nesting and survival.

Coffee: The World in Your Cup

Coffee explores how coffee — one of the world’s most widely traded commodities — affects cultures, economies, and environments around the world. Engaging maps, photos, text, selected artifacts, and audiovisual presentations illuminate the fascinating world of stories behind the coffee we drink and will enable visitors to become informed consumers.

Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway with Artist Ray Troll and Paleontologist Kirk Johnson

Based on the book of the same title by celebrated artist Ray Troll and paleontologist Kirk Johnson, Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway creatively explores how and why fossils shed light on Earth’s past. Framed color prints of Troll’s whimsical illustrations and text from the book appeals to visitors of all ages. This exhibit provides an ideal backdrop for exhibitors to showcase fossils from their own collections.

Cruisin’ the Washington Fossil Freeway with Artist Ray Troll and Paleontologist Kirk Johnson

Cruisin’ the Washington Fossil Freeway with Artist Ray Troll and Paleontologist Kirk Johnson features a specifically commissioned Washington State fossil map by Troll and explores questions about evolution, extinction, and early life on Earth.

Fast Moving Water: The Hoh River Story

Fast Moving Water captures the dramatic beauty of the Hoh River, one of only a few virtually intact and pristine rivers in the contiguous United States. Accompanying text panels and captions illuminate the rich history and cultural significance of the river, along with the efforts by environmentalists, local communities, tribes, and government to protect and preserve the river.

Kennewick Man on Trial

Kennewick Man on Trial explores the important legal, ethical, and scientific issues raised by the discovery of the archaeological remains known as Kennewick Man — unearthed in July 1996 ten feet from the shore of the Columbia River in Kennewick, WA.

The Big One: Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest

The Big One addresses key questions that every Northwestener should know — Why are earthquakes inevitable here? What hazards do they present? What can we do to prepare?

The Last Polar Bear:  Facing the Truth of a Warming World

The Last Polar Bear features how the polar bear — a charismatic icon in the struggle against climate change — faces a precarious future as its Arctic habitat rapidly continues to melt away.

The Owl & the Woodpecker in Washington: Photographs by Paul Bannick

Great Gray Owl

The Owl & the Woodpecker in Washington: Photographs by Paul Bannick

Pileated Woodpecker

Washington resident, author, and conservationist Paul Bannick examines the intertwined life histories of owls and woodpeckers found in the Pacific Northwest and the unique roles they have played in defining and enriching their often-threatened habitat.

Then & Now: The Changing Arctic Landscape

Then & Now: The Changing Arctic Landscape sets changes in the Arctic landscape in stark relief, pairing decades-old, large-format photos of Alaska’s Arctic with contemporary views from the same vantage points. Sections on vegetation, permafrost, and glaciers reveal the startling effects of climate change.

Wolves in Washington State

An adult gray wolf in the Methow Valley

A complex story, Wolves in Washington State examines wolf ecology and management issues as well as highlights the critical role wolves play in promoting a healthy ecosystem.

Yellowstone to Yukon: Freedom to Roam

Yellowstone to Yukon features stunning photographs of the Rocky Mountain West by German-born Florian Schulz and documents the ambitious effort to preserve wildlife corridors from Yellowstone National Park to Canada’s Yukon Territories. Such corridors would link existing parks and public lands to ensure the survival of one of the world’s last intact mountain ecosystems.