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The Owl and the Woodpecker - Encounters with North America's Most Iconic Birds


Photographer Biography: 
Award winning photographer Paul Bannick has coupled his love of the outdoors with his skill as a photographer to create images intended to foster intimacy between the viewer and subject in order to inspire education and conservation. Bannick is an experienced naturalist and outdoor educator whose work has appeared in Audubon magazine, the National Wildlife Federation Guide to North American Birds, Smithsonian Guide to North American Birds, and in many other books, magazines, parks, refuges, and other places in North America and Europe. After a 15-year career in the computer software industry, Bannick currently focuses his passion for wilderness conservation on non-profit work.

Audio-naturalist Biography:
Martyn Stewart is an audio-naturalist specializing in location and field recording for natural history documentaries, CDs and podcasts. He has made over 200,000 recordings of birds and animals, traveling to the far corners of the globe to capture sounds of the natural world.

Great Gray Owl
Great Gray Owl
Photo by Paul Bannick