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Cruisin’ the Washington Fossil Freeway with Artist Ray Troll and Paleontologist Kirk Johnson

Cruisin’ the Washington Fossil Freeway with Artist Ray Troll and Paleontologist Kirk Johnson creatively brings together the fossil-inspired artwork of celebrated artist Ray Troll with insightful texts by paleontologist Kirk Johnson to explore questions about evolution, extinction, and early life on Earth. The special Washington State version of the traveling exhibit—which features a specially commissioned Washington State fossil map by Troll—addresses these key questions and explores the abundance of fossils in our midst.

The traveling exhibit's design—a free-standing, 4-panel full-color display and 5 free-standing information banners—provides host institutions with the flexibility to display the show in a gallery, a lobby, or a conference room open to the general public. The exhibit also features a real fossil leaf from the Stonerose fossil beds in Republic, WA, a real ammonite, a cast of a T. rex tooth, touchable casts of a mammoth molar, and a mastodon molar.

Host institutions in Washington State also receive the following benefits package:

  • Complimentary shipping and insurance
  • Public relations support in the form of digital press releases, images, digital promotional material templates, and advice on promoting the exhibit
  • Educational and programming resources
  • A list of specimens featured in the artwork by Troll
  • Access to Burke Museum paleontologists for advice about the exhibit

Cruisin’ the Washington Fossil Freeway with Artist Ray Troll and Paleontologist Kirk Johnson was organized by the Burke Museum in collaboration with Ray Troll and Kirk Johnson.

Washington State Fossil Freeway Map

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Itinerary and Availability Information

Exhibit Specifications:


Free-standing, 4-section full-color panel display of artwork and texts
5 free-standing informational banners
A cast of a T. rex tooth
Touchable casts of a mammoth tooth and a mastodon molar
A real fossil leaf from Republic, WA
A real ammonite Audiovisual presentation DVD

Participation Fee

$550 for a 10-week booking

Supplemental Resources

Companion book and Washington State Fossil Map by Ray Troll available for purchase
Educational and programming Resources
Access to Burke Paleontologists about the exhibit
Public relations support including digital press releases, images, and logos; digital graphic templates of promotional materials; and advice on promoting the exhibit


Approx. 200 square feet [19 running feet]; 9-foot ceiling clearance




500 pounds




Shipping and insurance is free for Washington State host institutions

Tour Begins

February 2011

Leaves of the Apocalypse
Illustration by Ray Troll
Two conditions on our planet: erosion or deposition
Illustration by Ray Troll
Dream of the Double Didy
Illustration by Ray Troll

For more information, please contact:
Mark R. Hand
Traveling Exhibits Coordinator
Phone: 206-616-0268
E-mail: mrhand@u.washington.edu