Why is the "U" missing on the new Burke Museum sign?

June 14, 2018
Burke Museum
The New BURKE sign with a missing U and banner next to it that says "All we need is U"

Photo: Rachel Ormiston/Burke Museum

Why is the "U" missing on the new Burke Museum sign? We're so glad you asked!
We recently installed the signs on the new Burke Museum but left the "U" off of one of the signs as a reminder of the most critical part of the New Burke: the community. 
The New Burke will bring Burke collections and research out from behind the scenes, so that you can bring your perspective and your passions forward, seek new understandings alongside staff and researchers who study the collections, and encounter, experience, and discover something different with every visit.
We’ve raised enough to build the walls and the roof, but we need the community's help to open our doors in fall 2019. With the help of donors to the Campaign for the New Burke, we will be able to complete the exhibits and bring the New Burke experience to life.
We’re hard at work moving millions of objects, designing exhibits and getting the New Burke ready to open. Even when the last object is in place and the doors are ready to open, the museum won't be complete until YOU are a part of it. 
About the Campaign for the New Burke
We’re working to raise the final $1 million in the Campaign for the New Burke. Gifts from the community are the heart of this effort: more than one third of the new museum will be funded by individuals like you. Learn more about the New Burke.
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