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North Cascades

Herbarium researcher Mark Darrach helped discovered a new plant species – and plans to auction off the right to name it. 

Our 2017 Report to the Community shares stories and highlights from the past year.

Animals being prepped in a visible lab at Testing, Testing 1-2-3.

Testing, Testing 1-2-3 included specimen prep in public view—here’s how people responded. 

Pile of the Elaphomyces truffles found in the ski boot.

The Herbarium helps to solve a mysterious discovery—in ski boots of all places! 

The T. rex skull in progress in the Testing, Testing 1-2-3 workroom

The T. rex skull jacket is open, with the skull and the teeth almost fully revealed. 

New Burke windows with blue sky

The New Burke siding continues to go up as the exterior elevator used by construction crews comes down. 

A crane is used to apply siding to the New Burke

The construction of the New Burke Museum continues to move at an impressive pace! Take a peek inside.

We're reconstructing a full-scale Columbian mammoth using a combination of real and 3D-printed fossils from the collection.

Documenting the biodiversity of an important group of animals—one shell at a time. 

Kristin Campbell holding a sea otter skull in the Burke mammal collection

Researcher Kristin Campbell looks into whether skull anatomy and bite force explain dietary differences in sea otters.

Construction of the New Burke Museum is really coming along! It is nearly 65% complete. 

The Malacology Collection includes more than 75,000 specimen lots.


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